Helpful Tips to Downsize Your Home

As our society trends toward buying and building bigger and bigger homes, there is a subset of the population swimming against that current, looking to downsize to smaller homes. Whether you are looking to rid yourself of newly unused space as an empty-nester, embrace a more minimalistic lifestyle, or simply try to reduce expenses, downsizing can be a great option.

Realize the Limitations

A smaller home will have fewer rooms. Maybe that sounds super obvious, but the reality hits when that friend from out of town is looking for a place to stay for the weekend. Smaller living spaces mean you probably won’t be able to host the whole gang on game day. It shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, but you need to understand exactly what downsizing looks like on a practical level.

Downsize Your Stuff

You have a lot of stuff. Probably more than you even realize. Human tendency is to buy more stuff to fill more space. Sadly, the reverse is not so easy. You will need to get rid of stuff, and you would be wise to notice specific areas in which you have too much stuff or where your new home is a particularly dramatic downsize from your current home. If you’ve got a smaller kitchen, get rid of that extra set of dishes. Fewer closets? Maybe it’s time for a garage sale.

Use the Cost Difference Strategically

Ideally, a smaller home that is similar to your current home should be cheaper. Plan for how you will use this cost difference. Perhaps you’ll get a smaller but nicer home. Maybe the savings will go toward paying off debt, or retirement. There are a variety of options, so choose wisely.

Follow these tips, and your new, cozy space can feel like home, sweet home.